About Turdminators Pet Waste Removal

Turdminators has been in business since 2009 and is a family owned and operated company. Our owner William started this business after realizing that picking up after his 3 dogs was a real duty. He started his operations in his hometown of Elk Grove and has since moved the business headquarters to the City of Chicago. The company has grown from a modest 2 people to 15 trucks and 30 people in 2 different shifts to handle customers throughout the area. You might be asking how it could grow so much in so little time. The answer is we have A LOT of repeat business. Many people have no idea that these services exist but once they hire Turdminators and see how reliable we are, they are customers for life!

Residential Pet Waste Removal in Chicago

Many people are unaware that they can have a professional come remove pet waste at their residences in Chicago. Pickups can be arranged at your convenience so if you have 1 dog and need Turdminators twice a month or have 5 dogs and need once a week you can count on us to be there. You read that right if you hire us you will no longer have to worry about cleaning up after your dog. Regardless of how busy you are, your yard will always be clean when you expect it to be. This will greatly reduce the risk of stepping in your dog’s duty unexpectedly.

Commercial Pet Waste Removal in Chicago

If you are the manager of a large area like a dog park that has a lot of dog traffic, Turdminators will be able to make any environment a more pleasant and cleanly atmosphere. Just as with our residential services, our staff can be out to you on an as needed basis. Regardless of how big of a project you may have, we have the ability to handle the job. We have plenty of technicians are always focusing on growing our business while maintaining our current relationships, so there is no problem hiring more people.